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RAN Biotechnologies Inc.
100 Cummings Center, Suite 434J
Beverly, MA 01915 USA
phone: 1-833-726-2661

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RAN Biotechnologies supplies smart materials for next generation science:

- Fluorosurfactants: Gold standard non-ionic surfactants as well as custom (fluorescein/Rhodamine/Biotin/Sugar...) surfactants to stabilize water droplets in oil.

- Hydrogel Beads: Compressible, stable, monodisperse beads; dissolvable/photocleavable/superparamagnetic beads which are barcoded and functionalized with polyT/scATAC/CustomSeq/... . They can be used in conventional microfluidics/wells/particle templated emulsification/custom wrokflows.

- NextGen Affinity Resins for microbe capture and identification.