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Techu Scientific (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Room 502, Tower C, Zhongwang Plaza, No. 133
Changjiang Road, Wanxing Street, Nankai District
Tianjin, 300193 CHINA
phone: +138-2101-2163

Techu Scientific provide high-performance microfluidic instruments, various chips, optical observation system and software to ensure high efficient experiments and reliable results.

- Microfluidic constant pressure pump OB1 and Cobalt, syringe pump and 3D printer.
- Microfluidic flow sensor and pressure sensors for measure real-time liquid flow rate and pressure.
- Standard microfluidic chips, and various custom chips for 3D cell culture, OOC, droplet generation, liposome nanoparticle synthesis, hydrogel production, etc.
- Optical microscopy and high-speed camera
- Fluorinated surfactants to stabilize microfluidic emulsions which is used for single cell analysis, ddPCR, droplet generation.