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Stella International Corporation Limited
A-3, 1st Floor, Hengrun Business Building
No. 8 Beibaiyan Street
Suzhou Industrial Park, CHINA

We are the general agent of Heidelberg Instruments in Taiwan and Greater China. Since 1993 has been established to introduce and promote the most advanced laser direct writing lithography systems. We have professional products and solutions that can help you establish faster and effective production plan, and look forward to creating opportunities for cooperation with you to excellent growth.

Our company's main products include EDA software products, and Heidelberg Instruments of high-precision Maskless Laser Direct Writing solutions. For electronic design related industries, mask lithography technology and laser direct writing applications such as IR-Lens, Optical Molds, Grating, MLA,Microprisms, Microlenses ...etc. All have professional and plentiful experience, can help our customers to set up the fastest and effective production plan.